Barry Sjolin
Independent Insurance and Investment Adviser

Residing in Penticton, Barry serves as an Independent Licensed Adviser to clients in the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan

Whether you are just starting your investment life, nearing or in retirement, being independent allows investment choices and options that suit your needs.

We can offer you a full array of investment options and ideas as well as access to most every insurance company in Canada.


Broaden your investment horizons

Take advantage of strategic, active asset allocation.

VIDEO: Money role reversals among generations

How to have conversations about support for aging loved ones.

WATCH: Are you confused about investing?

Don't let investing be confusing. Discover the investment truth with your financial advisor.

VIDEO: Broaden your investment horizons

Taking advantage of the benefits of active asset allocation.

Increased fee disclosure is paying off for investors

Investor awareness of fees and investment returns appears to be improving in the wake of new disclosure rules.

VIDEO: What is estate planning?

Estate planning is the process where you lay out your instructions as to how your assets should be distributed.

10 ways the new mortgage rules will change the housing market

Soon Canada's banking regulator will implement new mortgage rules and launch the new mortgage stress test.

Help kick start your child's financial future

How permanent life insurance can benefit a child or grandchild.

Do you want your adult kids out of the house? It'll cost you $24k.

50% of parents are willing to help their adult children move out of the house.

Estate Planning 101

The freedom to protect your legacy and loved ones the way you want through estate planning.

The difference between a personal financial advisor and robo-advice

Comparing software financial advice to a relationship with an expert.

How to avoid outliving your retirement savings

Learn how annuities can keep retirement savings going strong.

Travel Insurance

Travelling soon and thinking about travel insurance?


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