Barry Sjolin
Independent Insurance and Investment Advisor

Residing in Penticton, Barry serves as an Independent Licensed Advisor to clients in the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan

Whether you are just starting your investment life, nearing or in retirement, being independent allows investment choices and options that suit your needs.

We can offer you a full array of investment options and ideas as well as access to most every insurance company in Canada.


Stay motivated, stay healthy

It's easier than ever to track and reward healthy decisions.

Away from it all

Is cottage ownership for you? Here's a look at what it takes to make it happen.

Millennials and money

Within five years, millennials are expected to make up half the global workforce. Yet, they face distinct challenges as they strive to achieve financial independence.

The next chapter

Build a succession plan well before it's needed.

Are your investments protected from creditors?

Legislation exists at the federal and provincial levels to protect assets from creditors.

Inside absolute return investing

A strategy designed to sustain value through market ups - and downs.

Credit where it's due

How credit cards can build and maintain a strong credit rating.

Yours, mine and ours

A helpful guide for partners who are merging finances.

Video - Why a tax refund is no reason to celebrate

Put your hard-earned money back in your pocket.

Video - Tax time is around the corner

Have you thought of everything?

Travel insurance keeps things cool

There are a number of benefits to getting travel insurance before hitting the road, not the least of which is a stress-free vacation.

Protecting what you work for

Safeguard your family's lifestyle with insurance,

Travel Insurance

Travelling soon and thinking about travel insurance?


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