Life Insurance

Our office can provide you and your family coverage from all most any insurance company in Canada. We will shop the market for you, and make it our goal to get you the best value and the best coverage for your personal situation.

Whether it is for personal coverage, such as to cover your mortgage, or to help you protect your business or partnership in the event of premature death - Life Insurance is an integral part of any financial dealings.

Term vs Permanent Insurance

Term Insurance - Term is simply pure Life Insurance in its least expensive form. It is designed to cover a person for a period of time, or a term, of usually 10 or 20 years. This makes it ideal for a specified commitment time such as a mortgage, loan or raising children.

The premium remains level for that period of time, and the policy will renew for another like term. However, the renewal premium will be higher as your age has increased. It usually expires at age 75, 80 or 100.

Permanent Insurance - As the name implies, this type of coverage does not expire. There is usually a cash component that builds inside of the policy allowing for coverage to potentially increase over time.

Although the premiums are higher than Term Insurance for the same age and coverage amount at the start, the premiums do remain level for the life of the contract and will, over time, be lower than Term premiums.

This type of coverage is ideal for long term commitments, Estate planning and known future expenses.

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